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Miss Lyss
25 September 2010 @ 07:30 pm
Everyone knows that I absolutely love writing.
Well I really love writing snail mail.
And even though the person is far away, I have the pleasure of writing them a letter.
It's more personal..
And I love it.
So I don't care if you think it's lame :]
Miss Lyss
08 September 2010 @ 09:36 am
Which year would you consider the best of your life so far?

2009, hands down, no questions asked.
The last part of junior year, and the beginning of senior year. I loved 2009
I've learned to depend on myself when it comes to learning things, I've gained a ton of confidence with my musical ability, I made new friends, I became a leader, and I stuck up for people.
Success came my way, AP weighed me down, I got my driver's license.
I met incredible people that just happened to be in my clarinet section.
I got lead alto twice, with little experience.
I found what I thought was love at the time.
And basically I just had fun, graduation not coming to mind.
If I could relive it all, I would.
Miss Lyss
07 September 2010 @ 10:04 pm

Picture a little kid in a kindergarten room playing with building blocks.
This kid wants to make the tallest tower ever, one block at a time.
The kid was able to get it to be as tall as them, and ever so slowly, they try to add another block to that tower.

A bigger kid strides over, pushing people out of his way.
He gives the little kid a smug look, focusing on the tower.
He waits for the little kid to add that last block, and once that block is in place, the bigger kid smashes the tower down.

Instead of crying, the little kid shrugged and started again from the beginning, with the determination to make it taller than it was.

That’s how I feel with music. I feel like I was pretty damn good until I got to college.
I felt like I was on the top of the list of clarinetists…okay, not the top–but definitely not at the bottom.
And when I was reaching for that spot to be better than I am, I was pushed down.
I was pushed down by a professor, who used harsh words to make me fall down even harder.

I was hurt so much, I didn’t even bother trying to get back up. I held a grudge, I was always angry.
I felt like I wasn’t good enough…that I’ll never be good enough.
He made me feel like dirt. He made me feel like I was in the wrong place. He made me feel that music wasn’t my calling.

After hearing him say that to me, my love for music was vanishing. Maybe I was in the wrong department. Maybe music wasn’t my path as I thought it was.

Then one night, after being mad at that professor for something so stupid, I got a message from a friend.
She told me that a mutual friend of ours said that’s how it goes…he went through the same thing and that same professor asked if that’s what he really wanted to do in life…as though he’s telling him to give up. She told me she knew I could do it.

Just by knowing that she thinks I can do this, made me get up and realize that I can do this. I can try and I will succeed. The professor is telling me I can’t do this because he wants to see how much I care. He wants to know how much effort I can put in just because of all the criticism he tells me. He wants me to prove him wrong, and goddamn it, he’ll get it.
I’m not going to fall into that trap again.

And it took only one friend–my mexican twin–to help me understand that.

Miss Lyss
03 September 2010 @ 11:49 pm

Dear Viola,

Not much has changed since you left.
College life sucks and I'm really glad that the first week is over.
I wish I saw you before you left but my schedule was packed.
And ohh, did I tell you I met a really hot guy at school?
He plays piano...been playing for 10 years.
Best friend issues don't really bother me much, he just doesn't realize it.

James and I have been really close. I guess you can say that's a good thing...instead of arguing all the time.
My audition went horrible and I'm last chair in the crap band. I cried in the car for an hour while Julian and Cody comforted me...none of them Mayfair associated. Haha, I already have clarinet friends...but they're grad students or in wind symphony. I wish I was that amazing.

So, I'm just dropping by to say, hurry up and give me your info so I can come over and see your house!

Miss Lyss
26 August 2010 @ 12:15 am

Dear Reflection,

Sometimes I feel like you have more confidence than I do.
I wish that could just transfer to me.
I don't know what I'm doing.
Love for always,

Miss Lyss

Dear Christina,

We've been really good friends for a long time, along with Anolin.
And you know that there is always something on my mind.
However there's this one thing.
I want to tell you, I want to tell you everything.
But I'm afraid to.

I'm afraid that if I tell you everything, you're going to judge me.
I know you wouldn't tell a soul, but I have a feeling you would judge.
Maybe it'll change.
Who knows?
Love for always,

Miss Lyss
24 August 2010 @ 12:35 am

Dear Eric Park,

I can't believe that you out of all the people I know, changed my life the most.
You made me realize that people care...maybe a little too much, but it's still caring nonetheless.

Thanks for making me look at life positively.
Thanks for showering me with all those compliments and good things about me when I was feeling down.
You have no idea how much that saved my life and kept me sane throughout high school.

You taught me how to read people by their first impression.
I wouldn't have known all those things about people if you hadn't said anything about them
You saved me in ways I could not save myself.
Love for always,
Miss Kocon♥

Miss Lyss

Dear Rachel,

When I had to go to SOAR, my biggest fear was being alone during the whole tour.
When I found out all those people attending SOAR were to be separated, I was worried because I didn't know any other Arts major except for Louie.
I'm really glad to have met you. I'm glad I had the courage to randomly approach you, asking you questions.
As you can probably tell, I'm horrible at trying to make new friends. But it worked out on this case.

SOAR was one of the most fun experiences of my life because I met a new friend on my own, instead of meeting them through a mutual friend.

I'm also glad I found you on Facebook. Who knows? Maybe our friendship will continue when school starts.
You know where to find me.
Love for always,

Miss Lyss

Dear Julie,

Back in the day, pinky promises were so legit.
We made a promise that we'd be best friends forever.
We would go to Hoover Middle School before going to Poly High School.
We would always keep in touch.

However, things change.
I moved. I told you I would come back one day but I never did.

Now I fear that you've forgotten me...but I still remember you.

Love for always,


Miss Lyss

Dear Rosi,

These worst of times eventually happens to everyone.
No one can achieve that perfect life.
Sometimes people change. The people who were your friends change when they meet new people and things sometimes aren't the same. They're different and you wish things would go back to the norm, but you're not quite sure if it's possible.
Sometimes parents fight. No relationship is perfect. Sometimes these fights make the relationship stronger. Other times they may break down. It shows what two people are capable of.
Sometimes you'll like a guy, but are unsure if they like you back. That's life. Sometimes things don't work out your way, sometimes they do. If they happen to go bad, it only means that they're not for you and you'll find someone better in life.
Other times people PMS. Just because people tend to be pissed off at the world and everyone around them, doesn't mean it's your fault. You just happen to be around them at the wrong time.
Sometimes you just won't get something...whether it be that math problem, a rhythm in music, or a joke someone has told you. This doesn't mean you have to give up. It just means you have to strive up to grasp that meaning in whatever that may be.

There's one thing that won't change.
I'll always be your friend. I'll never change. I'll always be the same, and you don't have to worry.
I'll always have an open ear to hear whatever's bringing you down.
I'll always be there, when everyone changes or not.
And if times ever go bad, just remember:
You always have your friends who are willing to listen.
Love for always,